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Membership Renewals and Directory update

  •   Membership renewals have been sent and we thank those that have renewed so far. Advertising for the Membership Directory is still being accepted. The deadline for advertising is February 15th.  If you would like to place an ad in the Directory, please contact Robyn Robertson at Roberstondesigns@yahoo.com  Please be sure to review and update your membership information so it can be included in the Membership Directory.  If you would like to join The Lippitt Club, Inc, be sure to check out our membership information at: http://www.lippittclub.net/membership-on-line-payments/

  • It was my privilege to attend the National Endangered Equine Summit this weekend (February 9-11, 2018) and work with many talented professionals (including breeding experts from Texas A & M and international experts), as well as representatives from many endangered breed associations and registries. It was a very well run conference facilitated by the Livestock Conservancy. I will be making a full report to the Board ( I have 19 pages of handwritten notes) and then will be updating our membership with the working plan to help ALL of our breeds/organizations. (Gail Robertson)

Mother Earth News Fair –  Belton, Texas

  •  Join the Robertson family at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, TX on February 17 & 18, 2018. Gail and her family  will be manning the Lippitt Club booth again with some of their Open Road Morgans in attendance. There was a LOT of positive response in 2017 and we are looking forward to the 2018 event. Expected attendance at the MENF events is between 6,000 – 10,000 people.

Additional News

  • New Items  continue to be  added to the Gift Shop. T-shirts, sweatshirts, DVD’s, back issues of newsletters, mouse pads, books about the Lippitt Morgan as well as gift items are available for purchase.  Click on the link to go right to the shop!    http://www.lippittclub.net/shop/


  • Another successful Lippitt Country Show has come and gone. Check the Lippitt Country Show website for results at www.lippittcountryshow.com. Thank you to all that came to show, support and volunteer for this annual show. There are not enough words to thank those who support this show by coming, financially or both. The committee for the 2018 show will be coming together soon. Please consider volunteering. There are many tasks, not all of them actually that have to take place in Vermont. So, if you are not close enough to actually be “hands on”, please consider volunteering to help promote the show on social media as well as other tasks. If you have any questions, contact Dennis Tatro at denlore3@denlore.com. The 2018 show will be held August 10-12, 2018. Join us for fun and an enjoyable weekend.


  • The Lippitt Club Board is still seeking a member to take on the position of Membership Coordinator. If you are interested in this position, please contact Claire Wagner.
    The Membership Coordinator position was created to provide better communication and a more expedient annual renewal/new membership process for everyone. The renewals and new memberships for the 2018 Membership Year will be processed and forwarded to the Directory Committee to allow the Directory to go out in a timely manner.
    The Board is now seeking a Lippitt Club member to step into the position by mid-Summer to allow them to be familiar with the computer programs used for Membership and steps in the process in time for the November to January renewals. A full description of this position was printed in an earlier newsletter and is available from Claire Wagner. If you are interested, please all or email any Board member.

    Thank you,

    Gail Robertson
    Membership Coordinator (Temporary)


  • ALLEN’S MAJOR AWARD WINNER – Congratulations to Harwich Attila and his owner Michelle Scott on winning the 2017 Allen’s Major Award. Visit our Awards page to see the write-up for this talented Lippitt stallion.


  • News Flash Regarding the T/RAP Program:

Cherry Gonzales of Walla Walla, Washington has achieved her first TRAP badge for 100 hours. Cherry is participating in the Lippitt Club Trailblazers and Reinsman Award Program with her Lippitt Morgans. They are OKAN ICEMAN 177136 and OKAN REMEMBRANCE 0183424.CONGRATULATIONS, CHERRY! We hear you are already riding toward you next 100 hours!Reports from other Lippitt Club members are starting to come in – they are digging out of the snow and mud, and hitting the trails.

Don’t forget to keep a running record of your hours in the saddle, driving in harness, at clinics or parades or simply working at home with your Lippitts. Send those Hours Logs in and get your badge for each 100 hours you participate. As long as you are a Club member your hours count!

It’s easy to sign up for the program. You can find information here:


Send your enrollment form (found at that above link) and the ONE TIME $15 fee made payable to the Lippitt Club, Inc., to:

Claire Wagner
3615 N. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92069

Photo below of Cherry Gonzales & Okan Ice Man








  • Recognition as an Endangered Horse:

          The Lippitt Morgan is now on two organizations’ endangered list. For those that love the “classic” Morgan, this is a tragedy. The numbers of Morgans, including Lippitt Morgans has gone down each year for the last 10 years. The number of people breeding Lippitts (and other “families” in the Morgan breed) has gone down also due to the economy. If you love the Morgan and love the original traits that made the Morgan such a special horse, the Lippitt is for you. Join us to learn about the Lippitt Morgan and help preserve these wonderful horses.

The Lippitt Club, Inc. is now a proud sponsor of The Livestock Conservancy. To learn more, please visit their website or Facebook page.





The Morgan breed was started with a single stallion – Figure, also known as Justin Morgan. The Lippitt Club strives to preserve and promote the original Morgan horse.

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