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  • Happy Holidays!  New 2016 Sales Items Available now – contact Heather Pinet at brookhillmorgans@gmail.com with your order or questions.

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  • Equine Affaire – November 10-13, 2016: 

Lippitt Morgans  at Equine Affaire was a great success!

The Lippitt Club attended Equine Affaire at the Eastern States Exposition in W. Springfield, MA November 10-13, 2016. In addition to the busy Booth in the Stroh Bldg, a Lippitt Demo was held on Saturday and for the 1st time ever, Lippitt Morgan Baroncrest Sawyer Vt & Jessica Normand compete in the very competitive Versatile Horse & Rider Competition!  Many thanks to all the volunteers and Lippitt owners that worked hard to make this event such a success!

  • Equus Survival Festivale 2016:

Our sincere thanks to Club members Michelle Scott and Judy Chace Peterson for attending this event with their Lippits as well as manning the Lippitt Club booth. If you would like to enjoy the Demo from this event highlighting Harwich Attila, please click here: Lippitt Demo at 2016 Festivale

  • News Flash Regarding the T/RAP Program:

Cherry Gonzales of Walla Walla, Washington has achieved her first TRAP badge for 100 hours. Cherry is participating in the Lippitt Club Trailblazers and Reinsman Award Program with her Lippitt Morgans. They are OKAN ICEMAN 177136 and OKAN REMEMBRANCE 0183424.CONGRATULATIONS, CHERRY! We hear you are already riding toward you next 100 hours!Reports from other Lippitt Club members are starting to come in – they are digging out of the snow and mud, and hitting the trails.

Don’t forget to keep a running record of your hours in the saddle, driving in harness, at clinics or parades or simply working at home with your Lippitts. Send those Hours Logs in and get your badge for each 100 hours you participate. As long as you are a Club member your hours count!

It’s easy to sign up for the program. You can find information here:


Send your enrollment form (found at that above link) and the ONE TIME $15 fee made payable to the Lippitt Club, Inc., to:

Claire Wagner
3615 N. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92069

Photo below of Cherry Gonzales & Okan Ice Man








  • Recognition as an Endangered Horse:

          The Lippitt Morgan is now on two organizations’ endangered list. For those that love the “classic” Morgan, this is a tragedy. The numbers of Morgans, including Lippitt Morgans has gone down each year for the last 10 years. The number of people breeding Lippitts (and other “families” in the Morgan breed) has gone down also due to the economy. If you love the Morgan and love the original traits that made the Morgan such a special horse, the Lippitt is for you. Join us to learn about the Lippitt Morgan and help preserve these wonderful horses.

The Lippitt Club, Inc. is now a proud sponsor of The Livestock Conservancy. To learn more, please visit their website or Facebook page.





The Morgan breed was started with a single stallion – Figure, also known as Justin Morgan. The Lippitt Club strives to preserve and promote the original Morgan horse.

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