Frequently Asked Questions



1. How did The Lippitt Club choose the foundation Morgans as defined by the Club?
Answer: The Morgans chosen all trace back on every line to the “cornerstone” stallion Ethan Allen II.
2. Why were the Morgans of Lippitt lines such as Artemisia, etc. not included?
Answer: They did not produce any “full” Lippitt offspring.
3. If my Morgan has a Lippitt prefixed horse in its pedigree, would it be considered full Lippitt?
Answer: It would depend on the Morgans in its pedigree being full Lippitt (i.e. tracing back on all lines to the foundation Lippitts.)
4. What are the requirements to be considered a Lippitt Morgan?
Answer: All lines of the pedigree trace back to the foundation Lippitts and to be registered with the American Morgan Horse Association or the Canadian Morgan Horse Association.
5. What is the difference between a Lippitt Morgan and a Foundation Morgan?
Answer: There are different “families” in the Morgan breed, with different criteria to make them part of that family or group in the Morgan breed. A Lippitt Morgan is traced back on all lines of the pedigree to the chosen foundation Lippitts.
6. What colors do Lippitts come in?
Answer: Bay, black, brown and chestnut.
7. What can Lippitts do?
Answer: They can be used for many “jobs” for each member of the family, including trail riding, jumping, pleasure driving, dressage, gymkhana, mounted shooting, combined driving, and therapy horse (to name a few.)
8. How long do Lippitt Morgans live? How long can you ride/drive them?
Answer: If a Lippitt is taken care of during their life, they can live into their late 20s or early 30s and can be ridden or driven as long as they are comfortable doing that task.
9. I have heard that Morgans are “draft” horses.
Answer: Morgans are not “draft” horses but have the unique ability of moving large/heavy loads (which most people associate with draft horses) because of their build and strength.
10. I have heard Morgans are small horses.
Answer: Morgans (Lippitts included) can range from 13.1H to 16+H in size.