T/RAP Program

Lippitt Trailblazers and Reinsman Award Program

Welcome to the newly revised Trailblazers and Reinsman Program for members of The Lippitt Club, Inc.  This program takes the Saddle and Harness Log of the past and adds a few new incentives for our members.

We believe it is important to recognize those members who are using their registered Lippitts and Half-Lippitts registered under saddle or in harness.  Time spent training, exercising, trail riding, ranch work, and driving is all counted in this program. Preparation for shows, arena work, riding/driving lessons, clinics and many other past-times spent with your horses all count – just not the time spent in or at any form of competition itself.

How does it work?

Send a  Trailblazer Enrollment Form and $15.00 to the current Club-designated individual listed on the website or in the Newsletter to enroll in the program. Make your check payable to The Lippitt Club, Inc. This is a once in a member’s lifetime enrollment fee, and covers some of the Club’s expenses for the program. When you enroll, you will receive a specially designed ball cap to wear while you are out enjoying your horses.

Use the Trail Blazers Log to keep track of the hours you spend with your Lippitts. When you have reached the stated hours of driving or riding, send the form to the current Club-designated individual listed on the website or in the Newsletter.

We will send you a certificate for that level of accomplishment, and a congratulatory note will be placed in the Newsletter and on the Website. The first 100 hours you log, you will also receive an embroidered patch for your jacket or vest, declaring your participation. Different patches will be awarded for 200 and 300 hours of time you log.  Keep on riding and driving — your award for participation will be a windbreaker jacket embroidered with your name and declaring your achievement of 500 hours. Additional  top secret awards will be made for 1000, 1500 and 2000 hours.

There is no time limit for achieving hours, and no limit on the hours or horses used on any day.  The awards are based upon the rider – not the horse(s) you work with. Therefore, more than one horse may be used, but it must be Lippitt or Half-Lippitt (defined as having one full Lippitt parent) and registered with the American Morgan Horse Association and/or its affiliates, the Canadian Morgan Horse Association and the British Horse Society.

There is only one catch: you must remain a member of The Lippitt Club, Inc. while you are recording hours spent with your horses.  If your membership lapses, the hours you spend with your horse while you are not a member will not count. You may resume the program upon rejoining the Club at a later date.

All hours will accumulate on the form provided. You may make copies of the form.  Submit the completed form when you reach each level of the program. Mail it to the current Club-designated individual listed on the website or in the Newsletter. A new form must be submitted as you reach each level of the program.

Mail to:

Claire Wagner

3615 N Twin Oaks Valley Road

San Marcos, CA 92069

Happy riding and driving! Go out and enjoy your Lippitt today, and log those hours!

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