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Volume XXXX #3 Historical Issue, May/June 2012

Volume XXXX #2, Versatility Issue, March/April 2012

Volume XXXIX #1,  Stallion Issue, January/February 2011

Feature Articles

(Rohan Elessar x Royalton Muffinette)
April 5, 1986 – September 9, 2010
By Nancy Wolfe

Where to begin? How does one put into words the, 24 ¾ years life of a horse? I’ve known this animal for all of that time; he was separated from us for five months only. I guess to begin where it all started is best. He was born on April 5th, 1986, to Royalton Muffinette (Royalton Ebenezer x Alert’s Miss Muffet) around noon on a Saturday. Dale and I were both at work. He was there, in the stall, when Dale got home from work. He called me around 1:00 p.m. to tell me Muffy had foaled a black, mousy colored colt. And his words to me were, “Boy is he ugly.”
How can this be, I thought? read more….

(Royalton Ashbrook Darling x Equinox Sarah Mia)
1978 – 2010
by Judy Mosman

Equinox Beaubrook was one of three siblings out of Equinox Sarah Mia, a full brother, Equinox Royalton Ash, and a half sister, Equinox Sarah Darling by John Ethan Ashbrook. He matured to 14.2 hands, was bay, and was foaled at the East of Equinox Farm in Manchester Center, Vermont, where he lived his entire life of 32 years. Why go anywhere when visitors and visiting mares came to see him at home?! read more…


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Stallion Issue Jan/Feb 1/15 1/30
Versatility Issue March/April 3/15 3/30
Historical Issue May/June 5/15 5/30
Mare/Foal Issue July/August 7/15 7/30
Show Issue Sept/Oct 9/15 9/30
Regional Issue Nov/Dec 11/15 11/30

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